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Fairy Tail Ep 130 Sub Thai-adds

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Fairy Tail Ep 130 Sub Thai-adds > urlin.us/21kym

Fairy Tail Ep 130 Sub Thai-adds

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Stimac as WarcryZordio Mark Fickert as JackpotKlodoa Mark Stoddard as Jean-LucZalty Marti Etheridge as Lector Martin Cervantes as Black Unicorn Wizard (eps 54-55)Cait Shelter Wizard (ep 63 and 68)Racer's Dark Wizard (ep 57) Mary Morgan as Bird (ep 20)Child (ep 25)Elfman (Young)Fairy Tail Wizard (various eps)Laxus Dreyar (young)Magnolia Citizen (ep 21)Phantom Lord Operator (ep 24)Pyxis Matt Thurston as Cultist (Edolas) (ep 78)Dark Guild Wizard (eps 55-59)Edolas Soldier (Edolas arc)Fairy Tail Wizard (various eps)Magnolia Citizen (ep 73)Racer's Dark Wizard (ep 57)SalvareYomazu Matthew Ham as Dark Guild Wizard (eps 55-59)Racer's Dark Wizard (ep 57) Maxey Whitehead as Bora's Fangirl (ep 1)Cultist (eps 11-17)Galuna Demon (ep 11)Lullaby (shared voice; ep 8)Wingfish (ep 9) Megan Miller as Bora's Fangirl (ep 1)Bully (ep 2)Captive (ep 33)Everlue Maid (ep 3)Kunugi Passenger (eps 5-6)Oshibana Citizen (eps 6-7)Prisoner (ep 34) Megan Shipman as Aceto Melanie Mason as MarlSupetto Melinda Wood Allen as Chagot Micah Solusod as Audience Member (ep 31)Magnolia Citizen (ep 21)MidnightPhantom Lord Wizard (eps 21-22)Picnic Person (ep 25)Townsfolk (ep 15) Michael Chinnici as Bosco Slave Trader (ep 1)JetTwin B (ep 4) Michael Federico as Naked Mummy Wizard (2 episodeseps 51, 55 and 56)Red Hood Wizard (eps 54-55) Michael Johnson as Capricorn Michael Jones as Sting Michael Turner II as Captive (ep 33)Cultist (ep 34)Fairy Tail Wizard (various eps)Jellal's Soldier (ep 38)Kunugi Passenger (eps 5-6)Oshibana Citizen (eps 6-7) Michelle Lee as Exceed (ep 89) Michelle Rojas as Cait Shelter Wizard (ep 63 and 68)Dark Fairy Tail Wizard (Edolas arc)Edolas Citizen (ep 82)Exceed (ep 83)Gildarts Alarm System (ep 76)GogotoraMiniPappa (Bixlow's baby; Season 2)Shadow Person (eps 71-72) Mikaela Krantz as Beth Mike McFarland as BossGaluna Demon (eps 13-18)Guild Master (ep 8)Magnolia Citizen (ep 21)Mr. HammittDark Fairy Tail Wizard (Edolas arc)Edolas Citizen (ep 82)Exceed (ep 89) Austin Black as Magnolia Citizen (ep 21) Austin Tindle as Alzack ConnellDark Guild Wizard (eps 55-59)Galuna Demon (ep 17 and 18)Naked Mummy Wizard (2 episodeseps 51, 55 and 56) Barry Yandell as Sol Ben Ambroso as Dobengal Ben Bryant as Eisenwald Wizard (eps 6-7)Exceed (ep 83)HorologiumKaren's Date (ep 32)Phantom Lord Wizard (ep 27) Ben Charlson as Edolas Soldier (ep 85)Monster Academy Student (ep 87)Wang Chanzi Ben Phillips as Captive (ep 33)Cultist (eps 11-17)Edolas Citizen (ep 82)Edolas Soldier (ep 86)Eisenwald Wizard (ep 6)Emissary (ep 37)Exceed (Edolas arc)Exceed Guard (ep 84)Fiore Soldier (ep 8)Ghoul Spirit Wizard (ep 42)Hargeon Sailor (ep 11)Jellal's Soldier (ep 34)Louen Thug (ep 80)Magnolia Citizen (ep 21)Phantom Lord Wizard (eps 26-28)Prisoner (ep 35)SabanWingfish (ep 9)Yuri (council member; ep 10) Bill Flynn as CruxRobaul Bill Jenkins as Jude Heartfilia Bob Magruder as Exceed Guard (ep 94)IgneelNarrator Brad Jackson as Nalpudding Brad Venable as ByroByro CracyExceed (ep 89) Bradley Campbell as Crawford Seam (council chairman; ep 10 and 30)Gran DomaGuild Master (ep 8) Brando Austin as Magnolia Citizen (ep 44)Townsfolk (ep 15) Brandon Luna as Edolas Soldier (ep 92)Nadaru Brandon Potter as Edolas Soldier (ep 91)SidVanish Brother (Younger) Brenna Yeary as Edolas Citizen (ep 94)Exceed (ep 95) Brian Capshaw as Emissary (ep 38 and 39)Fairy Tail Wizard (various eps)Magnolia Citizen (ep 44) Brian Mathis as Bandit (ep 31)Bosco Slave Trader (ep 1)MacaoMacao (Edolas) Brian Witkowicz as Rocker Brina Palencia as Juvia (Edolas) Brittany Redfield as BelletokiaEmissary (eps 37-39)Fairy Tail Wizard (various eps) Brittney Karbowski as Bora's Fangirl (ep 1)Everlue Maid (ep 3) Bruce Carey as AlexeiIvan DreyarMagnolia Citizen (ep 42) Bruce Lewis as Budi Bryan Massey as Casino Staff (ep 33)Edolas Soldier (ep 92)Father (ep 93)Jellal's Soldier (ep 34)KainPrisoner (ep 35)Sharry Bryn Apprill as Meldy Bucky Pearl as Bob (2nd voice) Caitlin Glass as Custody Enforcement Unit (eps 67-68)EvergreenFairy Tail Wizard (various eps) Chad Cox as Bosco Slave Trader (ep 1)Fairy Tail Wizard (various eps)KageyamaMagnolia Citizen (ep 73)Sandstorm (ep 74) Chad Ford as Fairy Tail Wizard (various eps)Magnolia Citizen (ep 44) Chad Halbrook as Toby Charles Baker as Bosco Slave Trader (ep 1)Eisenwald Wizard (ep 6) Charles Campbell as Bobby (Shopkeeper; Edolas)Eisenwald Wizard (ep 6)Galuna Demon (ep 18)Shop Keeper (ep 1)Townsfolk (ep 15)Wakaba (Edolas)Wakaba MineWingfish (ep 9) Cherami Leigh as Layla HeartfiliaLucy Ashley Chris Burnett as Cait Shelter Wizard (ep 63 and 68)Naked Mummy Wizard (2 episodeseps 51, 55 and 56)Yokou Chris Cason as Audience Member (ep 30)Edolas Soldier (ep 85)Exceed (Edolas arc)Fairy Tail Wizard (various eps)Fortune Teller (ep 4)Galuna Demon (13-18)Guild Master (ep 8)HoteyeKarackaMagnolia Citizen (ep 21)Phantom Lord Wizard (eps 21-22)Townsfolk (ep 15)Wally BuchananWingfish (ep 9) Chris Guerrero as IchiyaNichiya Chris Hury as Bacchus Chris Rager as AriaGutman Chris Ryan as Goldmine (2nd voice) Christian Heep as Fairy Tail Wizard (various eps)Ghoul Spirit Wizard (ep 42) Christopher Ayres as Duke Everlue Christopher Bevins as Lahar Christopher Cassarino as Dan Christopher Wehkamp as Edolas Soldier (Edolas arc)Ren Christopher R. Bennett as Frosch Dennis Maher as Akane Mascot (ep 33) Devin Pike as Semus Didi Duron as AriesAudience Member (ep 30)Heartfilia Maid (ep 29) Doug Burks as BeloGaliNadi Doug Goodrich as BabarakiBanaboster (ep 124)Edolas Citizen (ep 94) Duncan Brannan as SugarboySugarboy (Earthland) Ed Blaylock as Jose Porla Egg Nebula as Dark Guild Wizard (eps 55-59)Naked Mummy Wizard (2 episodeseps 51, 55 and 56) Elias Taylorson as BoboBosco Slave Trader (ep 1)Eisenwald Wizard (ep 6)Oshibana Citizen (eps 6-7) Elise Baughman as Blue Pegasus Wizard (ep 32)Fairy Tail Wizard (various eps)Heartfilia Maid (ep 29)Lulu Elizabeth Maxwell as Jenny Elizabeth Peterson as Exceed (Edolas arc) Emerick Jade as Edolas Citizen (ep 82)Exceed (ep 83)Magnolia Citizen (ep 43)Son (ep 93) Emily Robinson as Cat Robot (ep 35) Eric Cherry as Emissary (eps 37-39)Fairy Tail Wizard (various eps)Galuna Demon (ep 11)Magnolia Citizen (ep 44)Magnolia Sailor (various eps)Max Alors (2nd voice)Picnic Person (ep 25) Eric Vale as Bosco Slave Trader (ep 1)Dark Guild Wizard (eps 55-59)Kunugi Passenger (eps 5-6) Felecia Angelle as CocoCoco (Earthland)Dark Fairy Tail Wizard (Edolas arc)Fairy Tail Wizard (various eps)Red Hood Wizard (eps 54-55) Francis Henry as Medic Priest Frank Welker as Legion (vocal effects) Garret Storms as Rogue Grant James as Guild Master (ep 8)Rob Greg Ayres as Sho Greg Dulcie as ArchbishopGuild Master (ep 8)MejeerOrg Greg Silva as Butt Lackey BEdolas Citizen (ep 82)Edolas Soldier (Edolas arc)Ghoul Spirit Wizard (ep 42)Magnolia Citizen (ep 42) Gregory Lush as Custody Enforcement Unit (eps 67-68)Edolas Soldier (ep 91)Fairy Tail Wizard (various eps)Shadow Person (eps 71-72)Warren (Edolas)Warren Rocko Gwendolyn Lau as Daphne Haley Esposito as Acalypha Citizen (ep 51)Edolas Citizen (ep 82)Fairy Tail Wizard (various eps)Galuna Demon (ep 50)MonmoPuppu (Bixlow's baby; Season 2)Red Hood Wizard (eps 54-55) Heather Walker as AngelicaAudience Member (ep 30)Black Unicorn Wizard (eps 54-55)Blue Pegasus Wizard (ep 32)Cait Shelter Wizard (ep 63 and 68)Cultist (eps 11-17)Dark Fairy Tail Wizard (Edolas arc)E-Land Announcer (ep 88)Edolas Citizen (ep 82)Emissary (eps 37-39)Fairy Tail Wizard (various eps)Female Customer (ep 77)Galuna Demon (ep 50)GemiKurubushiLoke's Girlfriend (ep 31)Lullaby (shared voice; ep 8)Mary HughesPappa (Bixlow's baby; Season 1)Peppe (Bixlow's baby; Season 2)Shadow Person (eps 71-72)Townsfolk (ep 15)Train Announcer (ep 74)Wingfish (ep 9) Hilary Couch as Blue Pegasus Wizard (ep 32)Fairy Tail Wizard (various eps)Heartfilia Maid (ep 29)Loke's Girlfriend (ep 31) Ian Ferguson as Zancrow Ian Moore as Serena Ian Sinclair as BoraEdolas Soldier (ep 89)KawazuKunugi Passenger (eps 5-6)Pirate (ep 12) J Paul Slavens as Butt Boss J. Can anyone please link me to a good site? (i would prefer one with no registration) 2 following 3 answers 3 Report Abuse Are you sure you want to delete this answer? Yes No . Best Answer: i think this site is good for you to downloading : +> no registration, english subtitles Smile Source(s): Aiko Dokuro 6 years ago 1 Thumbs up 1 Thumbs down Comment Add a comment Submit just now Report Abuse . [&nbspVoyUser Login&nbspoptional&nbsp] [Mainindex&nbsp] [&nbspPostanewmessage&nbsp] [&nbspSearch Checkupdatetime Archives:&nbsp1,2,3&nbsp] . Why. Forum timezone: GMT-8VF Version: 3.00b, ConfDB:Before posting please read our privacy policy.VoyForums(tm) is a Free Service from Voyager Info-Systems.Copyright &copy 1998-2015 Voyager Info-Systems. 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